FinTek walks the talk, and demonstrates this by adding value for our clients!
How do we add value? We partner to help:

  • Identify the Opportunities (Customer Needs)
  • Quantify the Opportunities (Training that closes the gap, and provides a Return on Investment)
  • Develop Customized Training and Consulting Solutions that drive results
  • Sustain the gains from training (Partner to develop the Enabling Processes to Execute)

The FinTek Partnership

Proven Roll Out Models

  • Over 60   Companies, Institutions, Agencies
  • Over 300 BB/GB Project Managers Trained
  • Over 220 Trained Kaizen Event Leaders
  • Over 300 Facilitated Kaizen Events
  • From Solving Tough Problems to Designing New Business Processes
  • Learn/apply model

Standardized Processes for major deliverables

  • Hundred’s of repetitions across multiple industries
  • Years of experience in deployment
  • Proven content and templates

Project and Event Mentors and Feedback

  • Trainer coaches provide mentoring and feedback
  • Learn and Do methods to help learning sink in