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Human Capital Management

Continuous Improvement isn’t just about the processes. Throughout every organization, there are People in the value stream. Human Capital Management is an essential business enabling function with inputs, processes, outputs, and customers.

Human Capital Management does add value, as the processes involved with people management are critical to the business.

FinTek now offers consulting, training, and learning opportunities that focus on people management, leadership development, and team building. This includes design and delivery of development programs, facilitation of HR process mapping and waste identification, building career paths, diagnostic surveys to determine an organization’s needs, and a variety of assessments to build strong People Management capabilities within organizations.

To enhance our service offering FinTek has partnered with Ngenio USA to offer MPO to our clients. 

What is MPO?

Quite simply – Managing Performance in Organizations.

MPO provides valuable insights into:

Personality, Talent, Communication, and Job Fit  

– all in one simple 15 minute survey!

Combining all the MPO Solutions in one – MPO Personality, MPO Talent, MPO Communication and MPO Satellite – these assessments have been designed and scientifically developed to help you manage your human strategies more effectively.

Whether your goals are centered on recruiting, performance management, retention, engagement, development, or all of the above– MPO has got you covered! Click here for a quick preview!

Energize your business momentum and find out how the FinTek/MPO Program can benefit you and your organization.

For more information, Click here to download the brochure, or reach out to to get in touch with one of our consultants!