Monica Lopez

Monica brings over 10 years of experience in leadership, instruction, and quantitative methods from several different industries. After quickly rising to upper management in Arthur Murray Dance Studios, Monica was one of the first to move to quantitative analysis to eliminate account delinquencies, reduce contract erosion, and increase revenue by over 50% to become the largest producing unit in the Indianapolis and surrounding area. This success led to her becoming the area trainer for managers and staff at all levels of the business.

Monica then switched to a more purely analytical career in 2012 with FinTek Consulting through Six Sigma and statistical analysis. With a passion for numbers and analysis, she enjoys creating analysis that can result in a positive impact on business results. She has worked on optimization, segmentation, prediction analysis, and simulations for an array of businesses including Eli Lilly, Ohio Valley Electric Corporation, International Paper, and many others. Monica excels both with the analysis as well as the interpretation of data and knowledge transfer. The culmination of these skills allows her to help businesses lead and train Kaizen and process improvement events.

Monica has a BS in Mathematics from the University of Indianapolis and a MS in Statistics from Miami University.

As one of the lead trainers for Black, Green, and Yellow Belt classes, Monica’s range of teaching, training, and leadership varies from private instruction, class instruction, presentations, upper management training, and mentoring. With strong written and verbal communication skills, she excels in presentations and documentation as well as software packages like Microsoft Office, Minitab™, and SAS™ (Statistical Analysis System).